13415473_1169841073061397_786232646378840510_oGood Morning Britain Team loves Queen Balloon created by Ditzy Doodles!

Ditzy Doodles couldn’t quite believe it when she got the call to make balloons for the Queen’s Birthday Celebrations for Good Morning Britain when they visited Runcorn Hill Park to kick-start the weekend of nationwide celebrations!

Ditzy created crowns in red, white and blue for the children of Beechwood Primary School who performed LIVE singing Happy Birthday for the Queen, and Ditzy even got in on the action with the gorgeous Richard Arnold and her balloon sculpture of the Queen, whom Richard ended up taking her home 1st Class on the train back to London.

13411831_1169842916394546_1731535938493960189_oBoth Richard and Charlotte tweeted images of the Queen with them as they travelled back down to London!  Little old Ditzy had her five minutes of fame, and she still can’t believe it happened!  A fab day for little Runcorn, a fab day for everybody who worked so hard to make it a huge success!