science-workshop-logo Autumn/Winter 2016/17 sees The Big Bang Theory Science Workshops, Demos and Parties being rolled out!
Professor Doodles is super excited as she has been busy concocting experiments after recently attending Entertaining with Science training and is putting together plans, experiments and challenges as we type!

You can invite Professor Doodles for fun Halloween themed Hands on Science Workshops, Demos and Challenges for your Half Term events!  Kids will get to Make And Take Home their very own Slime, Jumping Ghosts, take part in Halloween Challenges including Silly Skulls Drinks Challenge, The Ghost Trump Challenge and much more!   CLICK HERE to see what The Party Squad can do for Halloween 20Sixteen!

Your Big Bang Theory Science Party is near completion, we are aiming to be up and running late Autumn, watch this space for more details coming soon…