The Party Squad only offers seasonal character mascots of their own, Silly Santa and Bobtail Bunny!
The Party Squad sticks to copyright regulations regarding mascot characters, licences costs thousands and thousands of pounds to cover copy-written characters, there are only a couple of genuine Mascot Companies in the UK that offer genuine licensed mascot hire services, but they are usually for corporate events as they can be quite costly to hire, and rightfully so as the mascots are true in likeness to the actual character they are portraying with skilful operators.
There are lots of copycat companies out there, but be careful, they will not have licences for their mascots, and their mascots are not the genuine article!  Over the years Ditzy has seen some atrocious visits at events, save your money and buy an extra present for your little one, plus some children are absolutely petrified of characters, besides Ditzy Doodles can keep the children entertained from start to finish at your event!
If you do wish to have a character visit at an event Ditzy is hosting for you, please do inform her of your intentions, there is nothing worse than finding out on the day, Ditzy likes to be prepared in order to accommodate timings for your visit.
(More information regarding the hiring of characters will be issued on request to ensure the smooth running of your event)