The following additional fees may be added to your booking, when this is the case, you will always be informed what those additional fees will be.  Additional fees are as follows:

Venue Location:
Should your venue not have free parking available you will be charged for parking.

CONGESTION CHARGES:  should your event be in a location where congestion charges are in place at the time of the event, the fee must be paid by you the client.

OUTSIDE THE AREA:  If your party is further afield the areas covered by The Party Squad, you will need to cover additional travelling expenses, this will be discussed at the time of enquiry.

Early Set Up Service £50: Typically Ditzy will only need 30-45 minutes to set up before the event start time, and is part of the party fee.  But, if you require set up much earlier than this, an Early Set Up fee will apply (this is typically at corporate/public events.)
If set up at the venue is required the day/night before the event please note this will incur a higher rate.  This will be based upon distance and time to the venue and time to set up.
Please check with your venue that access can be made available at the time you desire the setup to commence.

Function Room Access Fee £30:
Please choose a function room that is on the ground floor of the venue, please avoid a function room that is upstairs (as Ditzy has heavy equipment and health conditions that could be affected if she needs to carry the equipment across country to get to the performance area).
If this cannot be avoided there will be an additional set up charge, as  Ditzy will need more time in order to bring the equipment in and out of the function room – you must tell The Party Squad when booking services, the location of the function room within the venue building. If you cannot avoid a venue where the function room is upstairs you MUST ensure there is a sizeable lift to ensure Ditzy can load equipment. Any event on any other level other than ground level will be charged at £30.
If you do not inform upon booking The Party Squad the room is on a level other than ground floor, and if there is no lift, you run the risk of Ditzy not being able to perform at your event.