★★★★★ – I can’t rate highly enough! Ditzy Doodles and DJ Booboo were fantastic today, so glad we chose The Party Squad. Ethan had such a special party, and all the effort you put in was wonderful. Such a fab range of activities and games that kept all ages busy and having fun. Thank you Ditzy Doodles, we hope we have a chance to go to another of your parties again soon!

Jen, Ethan's Mum, Superhero Squad Training Party - Runcorn

★★★★★  Words fail me in being able to describe the truly amazing afternoon we had today for our little boy Elijah’s Christening thanks to The Party Squad. The kids loved you, the adults equally loved you too.  The only way we could possibly sum it up is to say,

Gail - Elijah's Mummy, Christening - Liverpool

Who is Ditzy Doodles?

Ditzy Doodles is bonkers, that’s all you really need to know, but once upon a time there was a little ginger fireball of energy who loved watching magic on TV (and that was when we only had 3 channels, oh but then we got a 4th channel), her family would always throw her a birthday party every year and she loved them, being a New Year Day baby meant there was nowhere to go as everywhere closed on New Year’s Day.  Never in a million years did she ever think she would get to perform magic for so many children and their families and now she does she absolutely loves it.

Ditzy Doodles started out as a face painter, and purely by accident.  She was buying a new nightdress for her much loved Nanna who was poorly in hospital, and saw a face painter, she had not long had her boys and was busy at home looking after them, and was ready for a new challenge.  She bought herself a face painting kit, was so excited she painted herself as a tiger but oh my days, she looked more like an American Footballer, but she was arty, going from painting on canvas and walls to a living moving little human wasn’t easy, but she got better, and as you can see from her gallery of never ending painted unicorns, became quite a good face painter….of unicorns (they were a very popular choice don’t you know!)
Ditzy Doodles had 2 little boys of her own when she started face painting, and loved to throw parties for them, just like her family did for her when she was a little girl, from this love of family parties, friends started asking if she could host parties for their children, so she did!  She built up her skills, started creating balloon sculptures and then went on to introduce magic to her parties, and wow, the reactions were amazing, just like that magical mirror moment when she revealed painted faces in the mirror, from there on in she was hooked.   

Why is she called Ditzy Doodles? Ditzy because she is, and Doodles because she does (on faces!), well she did, sadly her squiffy spinal nonsense means she can’t face paint or do balloon twisting at parties anymore, so she made the difficult decision to hang her brushes up for good, but she still loves to doodle. She doesn’t give up easily, because that would be boring, and she doesn’t do boring.  She continues to offer Children’s Entertainment with silly magic, wacky party games and absolute nonsense.
Ditzy Doodles is currently learning close up magic(2022) and the support from the her magic entertainer family has been wonderful, she’s even joined a magic society at Manchester Circle of Magicians and is in absolute awe of the members. Ditzy loves how engaging magic is, the positive impact it can have on somebody’s day is amazing, she continues to be a happy memory maker….

“Stepping stones will lead us down the path we’re meant to follow, we may stumble along the way sometimes, but never give up, sometimes those stumbles lead us to a surprise we never expected.  I for one would not be doing what I’m doing if it wasn’t for Nanna’s new nightie!

Keep smilin’ everybody, keep smilin’!”

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