Balloons evoke a feeling of happiness and make everybody smile, and The Party Squad like to make people smile, even through the toughest of times.  Traditionally, flowers are associated with funerals, but we have found a beautiful and more personal way of celebrating the life of a loved one who has passed away, especially for those who may not have liked flowers, and it’s especially nice if your loved one was full of life, and always smiling and laughing.  It’s heartbreaking to lose a child, and for me flowers seem more fitting for grown ups, we can create a favourite character, toy or hobby that your loved one adored.
We have the up most respect and dignity when you lose a loved one, we have been through it many times ourselves to understand what you are going through.  The Party Squad can create beautiful, tasteful Balloon Tributes for your loved one’s funeral, creating something that meant something to your loved one means a lot to us, and is very personal to them.  Family and friends will find our balloon tributes a fitting way to remember your amazing loved one.
We are happy to visit you at home, at the Funeral Directors or anywhere you feel most comfortable, to discuss what you need.  We will work in conjunction with the funeral directors to ensure everything runs smoothly with the design.  It’s all about ensuring you get the best we can give you, in memory of your loved one.

Funeral Balloon Julianne's Butterfly watermarked

This Butterfly was created to say goodbye to a wonderful lady in her early 30s who was suddenly taken from her family, she loved butterflies, and a very touching thing happened at the funeral…..a butterfly entered the church and flew around the congregation and stayed close to her family during the service.  A truly fitting tribute for a much loved and adored member of the family.
Lisa can create anything from butterflies to bears, trains to trucks, superheroes to princesses favourite colours and hobbies or a favourite toy can be incorporated in to the tribute.  Balloon Tributes are suitable for all loved ones of any age.

Please do get in touch with Lisa at The Party Squad to speak confidentially about what she can do to create a fitting Balloon Tribute to celebrate the life of your loved one. Call now on 07564 235 807.