Well The Party Squad are proud to bring to you Balloon Candy Cups!  They are a great alternative to Party Bags which often contain cheap plastic throwaway toys that children soon lose interest of, and you will find the contents strewn all over the place and not being played with after 5 minutes of opening their party bag!!!

The Party Squad Candy Cups are visually exciting, the children see exactly what they are getting and can’t wait to get their hands on them, they are receiving a fun balloon and sweet gift all in one!
The beauty of the Candy Cup once the sweets have gone, you can stand it on a table and you are left with a pretty mini balloon table centrepiece 🙂
We have also found that children have turned them in to a game at parties, they have realised if they squeeze the cups hard enough the lid with balloon flies off! Kids have been having great fun with how high competitions!
Not only are you getting a balloon model, and sweets but also a little novelty too!
Ditzy Doodles can create Candy Cups to match your theme.
Available both filled and un-filled so you can add your own items.
Prices start from £2.50 for unfilled
Prices start from £3.00 filled (depending upon balloon design)
With discount on larger orders, ask about corporate prices for large events.

Suitable for age 3 and over only, although we do recommend supervision for children under the age of 6, as younger children do have a tendency to put balloons in their mouths.