Ditzy Doodles never thought in a million years she would be able to come up with balloon creations that blow your mind away!  Ask her a few years when she drove to Pontefract for a Beginners Course in Balloon Modelling.  “I was so excited to be attending this course, but felt deflated and frustrated that I couldn’t do it!  I simply gave up, I sat there and just couldn’t keep up with the twists, the balloons kept popping, so I gave up just sat there for the duration and didn’t pick up a modelling balloon for quite some time!”  She thought balloon twisting wasn’t for her and didn’t give it another thought!  Ditzy started attending Magic and Children’s Entertainers Conventions and could see wonderful creations being made by Graham Lee and Thelma Levett and other great balloon artists.  It was time to pick up her trusty balloon pump and start practicing again, and she is so glad that she did!
Her early stuff was passable as a balloon model but still quite basic, she practiced and practiced, and still relatively new to the Balloon Twisting industry (started twisting Summer 2011) she still has plenty to learn and room to grow.
“I’m still constantly learning, people often set a challenge, and I like to be challenged rather than churn out the same thing over and over, it’s lovely to create one off sculptures for clients!  I’ve been very lucky and had the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the industry, including Twistina and Twistopher, Buster Balloon, Graham Lee, and Thelma Levett, to name just a few!”
Popeye 8 logo smallOn a recent Balloon Twisting job at Runcorn Shopping Centre,  Ditzy was approached by a young man’s granddad, he asked if Ditzy could make a Popeye, now she had never made a Popeye before and asked would it be okay if she went away and delivered it the next day, this was the result!  Creating a balloon sculpture like this leaves the creator with immense job satisfaction!

“The great thing about balloon sculptures…..they make everybody smile from tots to teens, to OAPs, they brighten somebody’s day, and that makes me happy!!!”

If you would like a bespoke balloon sculpture get in touch with The Party Squad!  Your imagination is our inspiration!