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Amazing magic, music, and mayhem party!!!
The children (and adults) were entertained from start to finish. Thank you x

Nicola, Taylor's Mum,, Magic, Music & Mayhem 6th Birthday - Northwich May 2017

★★★★★  Excellent!! Morgan had mega fun!
Glad you were recommended to us!  You were fab…well worth it

Zoe, Morgan's Mum, Magic, Music & Mayhem 6th Birthday - Rudheath July 2015

DitzyDoodles and DJ BooBoo, you both were fantastic at my grandaughter Hollie’s birthday party, all the kids and the adults including Hollie loved you both, thank you xx

Diane, Hollie's Nanna, Magic Music & Mayhem 5th Birthday - Norton May 2015

Itzy Ditzy Doodles Dooooooooo!  I want to have a ***!
Now at this point all the kids say poo, and I bet you did do!
Actually you are meant to say, “I want a
Magic, Music & Mayhem Party pleeeease!”

Ditzy Doodles loves to party across Cheshire and Merseyside, with non stop fun from start to finish! In fact she loves to party soooo much, you might see her in the shops raving uncontrollably like a crazy cat lady with fleas, after all she is as wacky and as ditsy as they come!

  Grown ups you don’t need to worry, the only mayhem on the day will be the silpid (that’s silly+stupid) magic tricks Ditzy Doodles can’t do but the children get right every time (Why does that always happen?!)

A potty party full of interactive fruity loop fun with nonsense magic, goofy games and a seriously daft dance off, with the Birthday Child taking centre stage to become the Star of the Show!

Children have birthdays every day of the week?
I know, how mad is that?!?
So, why not invite Ditzy Doodles to come along to your midweek party?

It leaves your weekend free to catch up on other activities, like leaving the kids at home with their nutty Nanna (please insert any generic relative if you don’t have a nutty Nanna) to do all of the chores so you can pop out for the evening with your partner in crime for a loopy juice or two, or to fall asleep in the cinema with popcorn on your face (it’s not an attractive look gents!).
Anyway why on earth would you want to go out without the kids, you will only panic because you don’t know what to talk about anymore, so go on take the kids out at the weekend! Do the right thing – be a Dad Taxi, let’s face it our kids have a better social life than us grown-ups at the weekend, then you can have their party on a Monday, Tuesday or maybe Wednesday, possibly Thursday or even on a Friday!
See if The Party Squad is available for your party to remember, any day of the week…

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Magic, Music & Mayhem

Your Magic, Music & Mayhem includes:

  • Crazy Kids Magic Show feat.
    Snott Doggy Dog

  • Goofy Games & Potty Prizes

  • Bangin’ Tunes with lights
    & Daft 
    Dance Off Challenges

  • Bonkers Balloon Sculpture
    & Card for Birthday Child

  • FREE to Download Invitations

Even the Big Kids love to join in!


Magic, Music & Mayhem (Ideal for ages 5-7)

£225**2 hours
  • Crazy Kids Magic Show
  • Bangin’ Tunes & Lights
  • Goofy Games & Potty Prizes
  • Balloon Sculpture & Card for Birthday Child

Once Upon A Story Time (Ideal for ages 3-5)

£225**2 hours
  • Story-time Magic Show
  • Bangin’ Tunes & Lights
  • Goofy Games & Potty Prizes
  • Balloon Sculpture & Card for Birthday Child

dUdes & diVas UV Fest*** (ideal for ages 7-12)

£195**2 hours
  • Bangin’ Tunes & UV Lights
  • dUdes & diVas Dance Off
  • Minute to Win It Challenges
  • Glow Giveaways
  • Glowsticks
  • EXTRAS AVAILABLE: UV Face Painting £95.00 UV Badge Making £1 per child

HAPPY HOUR* (Ideal for ages 4-9)

£150**1 hour
  • Goofy Games
  • Daft Dance Offs
  • Potty Prizes

**Prices on the site are dependant upon location, please see our map to check if your area is covered in the base fee.
**Prices are also dependant upon time of booking if you cannot book a time-slot stipulated.


Party Extras


£250per child
  • Pre-made balloon favours

Wand Packs

Coming Soon
  • Wand Pack with trick ideas

Bonkers Balloon

£25Birthday Child
  • Special Balloon Sculpture
any questions?