We hope to answer most of your questions here.  Don’t forget though, we are only a phone call, text, email away for any further questions you may have.

What area do you cover?2019-01-18T02:48:46+00:00

Based in Runcorn, Cheshire The Party Squad is ideally situated to travel to most areas surrounding the Borough of Halton, Warrington, Liverpool, Chester and beyond including Cheshire, Merseyside and The Wirral.
Please don’t forget to give venue postcode when enquiring for your party so we will be able to quote accordingly.

Zone 1 (Red Zone) is included in your fee
Zone 2 (Orange Zone) £10 SURCHARGE +parking fees if applicable
Zone 3 (Blue Zone) £20-£30 depending on travel time SURCHARGE +parking fees if applicable

What age do you cater for?2019-01-18T02:49:09+00:00

Offering various packages suitable for age 3-11, The Party Squad has a package to suit you.
Check Themed Parties HERE  Check Magical Parties HERE

How long does a party last?2019-01-18T02:49:31+00:00

All themed and magical parties are 2 hours in length.  With 1 hour set up time, and 30 minutes to pack away.  So please book your venue for 3.5 hours.
All Family Events (Christening, Communion etc.) are 4 hours in length.  With 1 hour set up and 30 minutes to pack away. Book your venue for 5.5 hours.

What happens at a party?2018-04-25T22:26:03+00:00

Keeping children entertained at a party is not an easy task.  You often have a varied age range (more so at a family event than a birthday), so making sure we entertain all ages ranges is key to the success of your party. We have plenty of games and formats that we use, and after assessing how the children are reacting to the events program we may swap some of our games and competitions at the event!

Our basic framework for Themed Parties is as follows:

  • Generally for the first five minutes we may start with some simple warm up games, this is the ideal thing to start with to accommodate any late comers who can easily join in with the games!
  • Once everyone has arrived it’s time to introduce the Birthday Star with a magical twist
  • Games and dance (if you have booked a magic party 45 minute magic show)
  • Break for food approximately half way through
  • Birthday Song Time
  • More unique games and dancing
  • Finish with The Party Squad’s special game!

We find this format is ideal for children, as it is quite structured.

We do not play music with inappropriate or explicit lyrics, we always ask if you have any favourite songs you would like at the party and, equally important, we also ask if you have any particular songs you DON’T want to hear!

Do I need to provide anything?2017-02-28T13:47:48+00:00

We ask that you provide:

  • venue
  • food
  • cake
  • tableware (plates, napkins, cups or food boxes)
  • and of course the children
  • Oooh and don’t forget the candles for the cake!

You can of course add upgrades to your package choice, options available with package details.

What is the best time to have a party?2017-02-28T13:47:59+00:00

Saturdays and Sundays are extremely popular for parties, Christenings and other family occasions, and often other kiddies parties or events can clash with yours!

Why not have a weekday party?  Weekdays are a great alternative:

  • they don’t clash with other parties
  • venues are more likely to have availability
  • and The Party Squad usually has more availability
  • Frees up time for families at a weekend so children can still attend their weekly activities like football or horse riding etc.

If you decide to have a party on a Saturday/Sunday, the following times follow natural meal times 11:00am-1:00pm / 4.00pm-6.00pm, the earlier.  If you want your party later for older children then an evening party can be arranged if there is availability.

Variations in time, and additional hours, are catered for at schools, weddings, christenings/baby naming, communions and other events subject to availability.

Where is the best place to hold my child’s party?2018-04-24T10:22:59+00:00

Community Centres, church/village halls are ideal as they have all the facilities needed for a children’s party. If you happen to choose a Golf Club, please me mindful that we may not be able to play our music above a certain level! Please bear in mind the following when booking a venue:

  • ACCESS TO ROOM: Please choose a function room that is situated on ground floor with easy access for unloading equipment.
    The Party Squad has a lot of equipment, which are both large and heavy. Unless there is a large lift at the venue close to the entrance of the building and within easy access to the function room we will not be able to host your party, as it will take much longer to set up the room, and staff safety is paramount.  (Please do double check when booking with The Party Squad, even if a venue has a lift, depending on bookings that day we may/may not be able to attend due to time constraints.)
  • ACCESS FOR DISABLED GUESTS: Bear in mind if you have any disabled children/adults attending, that you will need suitable access and toilet facilities, always ask your venue if they have these facilities.
  • Choose a venue with large floor space, giving plenty of space to play games, please be conscious of the number of children and parents you anticipate to be in the function room.
  • If you choose chair covers with your package we need access to chairs without arms and with four legs (sounds silly I know but we need 4 points at the base of the chair in order to attach the chair covers)
  • If The Party Squad are dressing the room, tables and chairs must be set out before The Party Squad arrives, this helps set up a lot quicker!
    Rectangular tables are to be set in one long row with enough chairs either side of the table to accommodate numbers of children attending party. The table is best situated near the longest wall opposite the main door to the room (ensuring no fire exits are blocked).
Can guests parents stay at my child’s party?2017-02-28T13:48:20+00:00

Yes!!!  We love having the parents stay at parties, we always need grown ups to volunteer for games!
As long as the grown ups remember this is a party for the children, and they can keep chattering to a low volume as the children need to be able to hear instructions for games from The Party Squad, but we much prefer it if the grown ups join in with all the fun, and if an adult is caught on a phone…well we won’t spoil the fun we have here with that, we will save it for the party, let’s just say it will be a magical experience with the volunteer on the other end of the phone!

Do you offer Mascot Character Visits?2019-01-25T20:54:54+00:00

The Party Squad only offers seasonal character mascots of their own, Silly Santa and Bobtail Bunny!
The Party Squad sticks to copyright regulations regarding mascot characters, licences would costs thousands and thousands of pounds to cover copy-written characters, there are only a couple of genuine Mascot Companies in the UK that offer genuine licensed mascot hire services, but they are usually for corporate events as they can be quite costly to hire, and rightfully so as the mascots are true in likeness to the actual character they are portraying with skilful operators.
There are lots of copycat companies out there, but be careful, they will not have licences for their mascots, and their mascots are not the genuine article!  Over the years we have seen some atrocious visits at events we have attended, save your money and buy an extra present for your little one, plus some children are absolutely petrified of characters, besides Ditzy Doodles can keep the children entertained from start to finish at your event!
If you do wish to have a character visit at an event we are hosting for you, please do inform us of your intentions, there is nothing worse than us finding out on the day, we like to be prepared in order to accommodate timings for your visit.
(More information regarding the hiring of characters will be issued on request to ensure the smooth running of your event)

Are there additional costs I need to be made aware of?2019-01-18T02:50:42+00:00

The following additional fees may be added to your booking, when this is the case, you will always be informed what those additional fees will be.  Additional fees are as follows:

Venue Location:

  • Zone 1 Parties/Events will not incur location fees
  • Zone 2 Parties/Events will incur £10 surcharge + any additional parking fees
  • Zone 3 Parties/Events will incur £20 surcharge + any additional parking fees

Early Set Up Service £50: Typically we only need 1 hour to set up before the event start time.  If you require us to set up much earlier than this, an Early Set Up fee will apply.
If set up at the venue is required the day/night before the event please note this will incur a higher rate.  This will be based upon distance and time to the venue and time to set up.
Please check with your venue that access can be made available to us at the time you desire the setup to commence.

Function Room Access Fee £30:
This only applies if:
1.  we are unable to gain easy access with our vehicle to the nearest part of the set-up area within the function room (situated on ground floor).
2.  first and foremost, our preference is to choose a function room that is on ground floor of the venue, please avoid a function room that is upstairs (as we have a lot of heavy equipment).
If this cannot be avoided there will be an additional set up charge, as we will need more time in order to bring the equipment in and out of the function room – you must tell us when booking our services, the location of the function room within the venue building. The set-up time will be increased if there are any stairs to climb, as this will increase the set-up time for The Party Squad, you will also need to book your venue for additional time. Any event on any other level other than ground level will be charged at £30.

Further information