The Party Squad is appreciative of religious beliefs, and understands some have concerns about ‘magic’.  Ditzy would like to reassure you that the magic she performs is family friendly and purely for entertainment purposes only.

The magic show is full of Ditzy’s silliness, when the magic goes wrong she calls upon the children to help make things work, if anything her show is all about working together as a team, and that each and every child at the party plays an important role.  Ditzy doesn’t perform trick after trick after trick and nor does she ever state, “And now for my next trick!”, and she certainly doesn’t perform magic to trick people or to make them look silly, the only person that looks silly is Ditzy. She weaves the magic into the entire party in a story like way, there is a purpose to each trick, from creating the birthday card, to the Balloon Umpupulator Molecule Manipulator Machine creating the most magical balloon sculpture, there is always a reason for  getting help from the children, and there is plenty of nonsense, and plenty of audience participation.

If you still have any concerns about magic being performed, please do give Ditzy a call, she will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have, and hopes to put your mind at ease that it is just fun with no hidden meanings.