A typical 2 hour Magic, Music & Mayhem Party looks like this:

• For the first 5-10 minutes there will be some music and disco lights, whilst Ditzy will interact with the children upon arrival, provide some close up magic, and will keep an eye out for the shy children, she always likes to help ensure any shy children are at ease as much as they possibly can be.  This relaxed start to the party enables late comers to arrive, and gives the children time to say hello to everybody.

• Once everyone has arrived it’s time for introductions, Ditzy will ask everybody to take a seat in her own silly way, and after saying hello she will introduce the Birthday Star with a magical twist, the Star of the Show and friends help Ditzy with some magic, producing a gift and Birthday Card.

• Break for food approximately half way through, Ditzy will continue to interact with the children/adults with some silliness and close up magic tricks.

• Birthday Song Time – Ditzy will make this a special moment to remember, Ditzy will let you know when to get the cake and candles ready, and get your camera on standby.

• Then it’s time for party games and a bit of a boogie.

For older children Ditzy offers something very unique….a back to front party!!!!

We do not play music with inappropriate or explicit lyrics, we always ask if you have any favourite songs you would like at the party and, equally important, we also ask if you have any particular songs you DON’T want to hear!

Magic, Music & Mayhem 90 minute Nonstop Nonsense Package includes the fun of above without a food break in the middle, you can still offer party food, but can do so once the entertainment and games are over.

Magic, Music & Mayhem 60 minute Happy Hour Package has less magic and less games as the packages above, but is still magical and your child still gets to be the Star of the Show.