For Children’s Parties, Family Celebrations Ditzy will arrive approximately 30-45 minutes before the event start time, this gives her plenty of time to set up.  Ditzy needs approximately 30 minutes to pack away. Bear this in mind when booking your venue.
For School/Preschool, Ditzy will arrive slightly earlier than above as she is aware she will need to sign in and follow security measure when loading (this may take longer if the door needs unlocking each time someone enters the building.
For Corporate/Public Events set up time can work slightly differently as Ditzy is aware event suppliers need to be set up and all vehicles may need to be off site by a set time, get in touch with The Party Squad to discuss arrangements.

We have 3 Magic, Music & Mayhem Packages available for Children’s Parties

Happy Hour Package last 1 hour with NO food break.

Nonstop Nonsense Package lasts 1½ hours with NO food break.
If you wish, you can have the food break at the end whilst Ditzy packs away, she will play a little music when doing so. SO she isn’t clattering away in the background whilst the children eat.

Magic, Music and Mayhem Package last 2 hours with food break.
The food break is approximately half way through.  Don’t worry Ditzy still keeps interacting with the children and families once she packs the magic show away.

Family Celebrations last 4 hours.

Schools/Preschool can last anything from 1 – 2 hours.

Corporate/Public Events and Christmas Events are bespoke as Ditzy can provide a one off session or multiple sessions throughout your event.  Get in touch about your Corporate/Public Event today.

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