Ditzy brings what she needs for your event including magic case, sound system, disco lights (if required) games and prizes.

All you need to do is book your venue and provide:

• food (if you are having any)

• cake (for birthday and family celebration)

• tableware (plates, napkins, cups or food boxes , food boxes are much easier to prepare for children’s parties, plus if any of your guests have allergies the food will be separated from others, don’t forget when you prepare food for allergy sufferers you must prepare it separately, and  don’t forget to ask on your invitations if anybody has allergies)

• and don’t forget to invite the guests!

• bin bags to take gifts home in and for any rubbish you may have (not all venues will provide bin bags)

Oooh and don’t forget the candles for the cake (and something to light the candles)!