Community Centres, church/village halls are ideal as they have all the facilities needed for a children’s party. If you happen to choose a Golf Club, please me mindful that we may not be able to play our music above a certain level! Please bear in mind the following when booking a venue:

ACCESS TO ROOM: Please choose a function room that is situated on ground floor with easy access for unloading equipment.
The Party Squad has a lot of equipment, which are both large and heavy. Unless there is a large lift at the venue close to the entrance of the building and within easy access to the function room Ditzy will not be able to host your party, as it will take much longer to set up, and staff safety is paramount.  (Please do double check when booking with The Party Squad, even if a venue has a lift, depending on bookings that day we may/may not be able to attend due to time constraints.)

ACCESS FOR DISABLED GUESTS: Bear in mind if you have any disabled children/adults attending, that you will need suitable access and toilet facilities, always ask your venue if they have these facilities.

Choose a venue with large floor space, giving plenty of space to play games, please be conscious of the number of children and parents you anticipate to be in the function room.  Please make sure there is plenty of room for a performance area, that means no bouncy castles or soft play in front of the performance area, as Ditzy keeps the children entertained from start to finish, it is not worth hiring a bouncy castle, as it must be deflated during performance and games.

If children are having party food ensure your venue has enough tables and chairs for guests, and chairs for parents.  The venue may or may not set out the tables and chairs for you, if they don’t set out chairs and tables, please ensure somebody arrives early to set up the room for you.