A personal message from Ditzy Doodles:

I am sure you must appreciate I get inundated with requests to help at charitable events throughout the year.  I have always supported charities throughout my life and always will, but as more and more charities contact me for support I am struggling to give my time freely to all of them.  Please do bear in mind that I am self employed and this is my only source of income.  Financially I wouldn’t be able to pay my own bills if I gave all my time to all the requests I receive.

If you are a registered charity and looking for any of the services I provide, there are a couple options available so the charity gets the best of both worlds:
1.  Hire our services at 10% discount, then request donations from attendees of your event to recoup costs, any additional profit is for the charity to keep.  I will of course recommend suitable prices to charge.
2.  Have a local business sponsor the service you wish to provide, if your event is open to the public, The Party Squad will happily advertise the event free of charge and the sponsors details will be highlighted.

I wish all charities success in your fundraising endeavours.

Best Wishes
Ditzy Doodles