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Thank you so much for today’s fantastic party.  I asked Lauren if it was a good party and she said “No!  It was a brilliant party I really enjoyed it!”  Thanks again!
– Rachel (Lauren’s Tunes for Tweens Party)


“Awwww Mum, please don’t give me a kiddy party, I do want a party but please no musical bumps, no jelly and ice cream, and certainly no adults dressed up as a Big Cuddly Bear!!!!”
You then realise, “When did my baby start growing up?”
Your friends tell you your little bundle of joy is “Now a Tween!”
You shudder and ask, “What on earth is a Tween?”
Well let The Party Squad help you…
tween (twēn) n.
A child between middle childhood and adolescence, usually between 8 and 12 years old.
It’s as simple as that, your child is at an in between stage, and you don’t want them to be embarrassed in front of their friends, so out goes the rule books for kids parties, no Pass the Parcel, no Musical Bumps, and certainly no jelly and ice cream! So what on earth do you do? Well you can book The Party Squad to create a Tunes 4 Tweens Party.
Your Tween’s party will be a little more sophisticated than the parties they had when they younger!

Your Tunes for Tweens Host and DJ will give your Tween a day or evening they will never forget!
–  DJ playing all your dance floor favourites and latest tunes and  your favourite tunes and The Party Squad is happy for the birthday girl or boy to send a list of their favourite tunes, but don’t worry Mum or Dad, we won’t play anything that is inappropriate!
–  Tween Challenge Game Show full of cool games and team challenges including Divas and Dudes Dance Offs throughout the party with Prizes and runner up sweets
–  Funky Venue Décor including: chair covers in black, turquoise and hot pink with zebra print chair bands, black table covers with zebra print table runners. Colour co-ordinated table gems.  (If your tween party is for a boy and if he’s not keen on pink we can swap it for another funky colour to suit.)  Co-ordinating balloon décor (foil table twisters), decorated cake table to compliment theme.
– Funky Guitar Balloon model per tween
– Friendship Bracelet per tween
– Crat Activity: Personalised Keyring Dangler and Bracelets
– We can also add Krazy Karaoke FREE of charge if you think your group of tweens fancy a Sing Off!!!