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Thank You for Booking The Party Squad

Thank you for choosing The Party Squad to host your child’s special celebration, your Booking Fee of £50 has now being paid.  Your event date is now secured.  THANK YOU!

Your Balance must be paid no less than 4 weeks before event date, and can be paid using the following methods:
BACS Transfer: Your balance must be no less than 4 weeks before event date
CHEQUE:  Payable to ‘Lisa Oakley’ no less than 6 weeks before event date
CASH:  You must hand deliver to The Party Office at 6 Manor Fell, Runcorn WA7 2UZ (PLEASE DO NOT SEND VIA POSTAL SERVICES AS IT MAY NOT REACH US) no less than 4 weeks before event date
We DO NOT accept Paypal payments for balance of payment as fees would be incurred by yourself at Paypal rate, and we do not want to add any extra charges to your party.

If you have chosen a package with Party Bags for each child, please make a note of how many girls and how many boys being invited as The Party Squad will check on final numbers in order to make up party bags (if they are included in your chosen package)


KEEP CHILDREN’S FOOD SIMPLE – food boxes are perfect to give out to children that way you can cater for any child who may have specific dietary requirements, without them feeling different to everybody else!
ROOM DECORTIONS – If you have booked a Party Time Package you don’t need to worry about Room Decorations, if you have booked any other package we only ask one thing please DON’T bring loose balloons or if you do please DON’T scatter them on the floor – they are not only a big distraction for the children and can cause mayhem, but some children are scared of balloons popping!  If we come along and see scattered balloons on the dance floor for Health and Safety Reasons they will be removed from the floor before party commences. Please make sure they are on display but out of reach!!
PHOTOS – We encourage you to take as many photos of your child’s event as you like, don’t be scared to come up to the front when your party host is introducing your child, or if we are doing a magic show there is no point taking photos from the back of the room – you can’t see all the children’s smiling faces, don’t be shy, come to the front and take plenty of pics.


CAKE AND CANDLES (and something to light the candles and serviettes to wrap the cake if taking home)
CAMERA (don’t forget to charge the batteries and bring a spare memory card)
MOBILE PHONE (in case of emergencies and ask for contact numbers from guest’s relatives)
KITCHEN ROLL (for any spillages)
WET WIPES (for sticky hands and faces)
BIN BAGS( there will be rubbish to tidy away after the party)

The Party Squad look forward to attending your event, any questions at all please contact The Party Squad on 07564 235807 or email directly at ditzy@thepartysquad.co.uk