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Thank you!  You were absolutely wonderful, the kids loved every minute!!  One of the best entertainers I’ve seen in a long time.  On behalf of the Friends of St Gerard’s PTA, staff & children, thank you and we hope to see you again soon!
St.Gerard’s, Widnes


Do you work at a Primary School?  Looking for fun workshopsschool discos and seasonal events for your school?  Then you have come to the right place!
The Party Squad brings you a fun filled 60 minute Balloon Twisting Workshop, and a series of School Discos suitable for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.  The Party Squad takes great care in making sure all the children take happy memories home with them, whenever music is played we screen all music and play age appropriate music only.
Unless you work at a small school, The Party Squad usually recommend schools have 2 separate discos to cater for KS1 and KS2.  Although all the children are young, there is a huge difference in what a 5/6/7 year old would expect from a disco to what an 8/9/10/11 year old would expect.
We have taken a lot of time putting the perfect disco together for your school!  We only play age appropriate music, no matter how much the children beg for “Sexy and I Know It!”, or “Gangnam Style!” and with lyrics like “Hey sexy lady!” from Gangnam Style, we have found cover songs so children get the best of both worlds, without the inappropriate lyrics!  We don’t just stand there and play music like regular DJs might, instead we will guide the children in easy to do dance routines to popular songs and play team games.

Our KS1 Disco is more games based and can last up to 90 minuted maximum.  This is plenty of time for all the children to enjoy dancing, joining in with games and competitions.  We understand that schools tend to opt for the inclusion method with games, and we are more than happy to work alongside the school to ensure all our games are inclusion proof, especially for those children of KS1 age!  Although we do feel that healthy competition is a good thing, and we have developed a way of running games by splitting the group in to teams at the beginning of the Disco, either in to colours (red, blue, yellow and green), or more popular in to school houses so the winner and the runners up of each game gets points.  Children are very happy to get points for their team/house, as most schools have team/house point systems in place. There can be a  winning and losing team at the end, teaching them to be competitive in a fun way so if there is a loss it is shared, there’s no tears, just bonding with other team members.

Our KS2 Disco is more dance based and can last up to a maximum of 90 minutes.  Children of this age group are more competitive and understand more about taking part in healthy competition, and the games we ask the kids to join in with, are more competition based, and the kids love it!

And of course, we love to involve members of staff and the PTA in all the fun of the School Disco!

Elfie Doodles Tiny Tots 1

Elfie Doodles at Beechwood Tiny Tots Christmas Party


We also offer school and Nursery/Pre School Christmas Parties, ask about our Christmas Package for your school.

Preschool parties are structured to include things not to dissimilar to what the children already do in the setting.  The Party Squad, makes it a little slower paced, allowing the children to get used to a giant elf being in the room!  All the little ones are taken on a magical story throughout the party, training to become Santa’s Elves along the way.  We will all join in with circle time games and songs, and join in with fun dances and go searching for Christmas Elves, and if you would like us to bring along our snow machine just ask!

We offer school discounts across block bookings, it’s great for us to come back to see the kids each time, and it’s comforting for them to see a familiar face again!

Are you wondering what to do for your Year 6 Leavers?
Children are under a lot of pressure these days, with more and more work given to them, with SATS becoming harder each year, and high goals to reach, so it’s nice to give them something special in return for all their hard work and dedication.  The Party Squad loves to create happy memories, and we feel it’s very important in this very fast world for all school children to grow up with positive happy memories of school.  All our Leavers Parties and school discos will always be part of those happy memories.

FB_IMG_1469435742328We can create anything from a simple Leavers Disco or The Party Squad can transform your School Hall, with balloon décor, decorated tables, chair covers and co-ordinating sashes for an ever increasing Prom style celebration for your Leavers, or why not have a themed Year 6 Leavers Party.

Safety of your pupils is paramount at all times, we don’t use strobe lights, we are fully insured and our equipment is PAT tested.

We recommend holding your Leavers Party in the evening, this gives all the children time to go home and get ready for their special Goodbye.

For more details how The Party Squad can create the perfect Year 6 Leaver’s Celebration for your school please get in touch HERE

FB_IMG_1470133910309It has be known for High Schools to hire us to offer Balloon Twisting at High School Proms, proving that you are never too old to have a balloon!

Have fun with the 60 minute Balloon Workshop suitable for children age 5-12.

AlBalloon Workshop Pic 1l the children (and teachers) will love this hands on workshop and feel a sense of achievement when they get to take home their balloon creations.  They will learn how to handle modelling balloons, where the latex comes from to make the balloons, they will get to make their very own swords, dogs and anything goes when they create their own CRAZY hats and if we have time we can all work together or in smaller groups to create structures and shapes.

The balloon workshop was really good. It was surprising and inspiring to see such young children watch a demonstration, follow the step by step instructions and create the models, their little faces were so proud of themselves!  The children had a whale of a time! -Gemma, Education Resource Centre Manager at Fiddler’s Ferry Power Station

The Party Squad injects fun in to the school day or any other educational setting, giving the children a well deserved treat and fun activity using gross and fine motor skills to work individually and as a group.

nutty-little-prof-logo-smallNew for 2016/17!

Nutty Little Professors is our new fun science show and workshops with things that go fizz, pop and bang!  

It’s a fun, hands on way of introducing the world of science with a fun twist!  Perfect for children age 5+



Balloon Workshop ChristmasIdeal for:
– After School Clubs
– School Holiday Clubs
– Summer Camps
– Half Term Activities
– Libraries
– Large Indoor Events
– Seasonal Events
and more!





We offer school discounts across block bookings, it’s great for us to come back to see the kids each time, and it’s comforting for them to see a familiar face again!