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We hope to answer most of your questions here.  Don’t forget though, we are only a phone call, text, email away for any further questions you may have.


What areas do you cover?

We are based in Runcorn, Cheshire and are ideally situated to travel to most areas around the North West including Cheshire, Merseyside/The Wirral.
Please don’t forget to give venue postcode when enquiring for your party so we will be able to quote accordingly.
The Party Squad Coverage:
The following fees apply in addition to your package depending on location:
Zone 1 (Red Zone) is included in your fee
Zone 2 (Orange Zone) £10 SURCHARGE +parking fees if applicable
Zone 3 (Blue Zone) £20 SURCHARGE +parking fees if applicable

What age do you cater for?

We have various packages suitable for children age 3-12

How long does a party last?

  • Super Duper Parties last 2 hours
  • Magic, Music & Mayhem last 2 hours
  • Ditzy’s Discos last 2 hours
  • Tunes for Tweens last 2½ and a half hours
  • Let’s Celebrate Packages are 4 hours in length
  • Corporate Events require a minimum of 2 hours booking
  • Face Painting or Balloon Twisting Packages usually a minimum of 2 hours for up to 25 children

If you require additional time please ask what availability we have for your event.

What do you do at the party?

Keeping children entertained at a party is not an easy task.  You often have a varied age range (more so at a family event than a birthday), so making sure we entertain all ages ranges is key to the success of your party. We have plenty of games and formats that we use, and after assessing how the children are reacting to the events program we may swop some of our games and competitions at the event! Our basic framework for our Super Duper Themed Packages is as follows:

  • Generally for the first five minutes we may start with some simple warm up games, this is the ideal thing to start with to accommodate any later comers who can easily join in with the games!
  • Once everyone has arrived we introduce the Birthday Child to their guests in our unique way
  • Party Bag Designing Activity (Tier 3 Super Duper Package)
  • Games and dance
  • Break for food (we will prepare party bags and speak with parents about getting the cake ready)
  • Birthday Song Time
  • Quiet game (after eating all their party food, we don’t want any upset tummies)
  • More unique games and dancing
  • Finish with The Party Squad’s special game!!!

We find this format is ideal for children, as it is quite structured.

We do not play music with inappropriate or explicit lyrics, we always ask if you have any favourite songs you would like at the party and, equally important, we also ask if you have any particular songs you DON’T want to hear!

Do I need to provide anything?

We ask that you provide:

  • venue
  • food
  • cake
  • tableware (plates, napkins, cups or food boxes)
  • and of course the children
  • Oooh and don’t forget the candles for the cake!

We can organise everything with our Super Duper Package depending on which tier you choose, fromentertainment, venue dressing (chair covers, table covers, balloon décor), party bags, prizes and runner up sweets, balloon models, you can even download your own personalised colouring-in invitations (which guests love), you can sit back, relax and enjoy the fun and make happy memories.  Check your package choice to ensure it has everything you wanted.

When is the best time to hold the party?

Saturdays and Sundays are extremely popular for parties, and often other kiddies parties or events can clash with yours! Weekdays are a great alternative to have a party on, they don’t clash with other parties, venues are more likely to have availability, and we have more availability.  It also frees up time for families at a weekend so children can still attend their weekly activities like football or horse riding etc. If you decide to have a party on a Saturday or Sunday, we prefer to set times for 11:00am-1:00pm / 4.00pm-6.00pm, the earlier time is ideal for younger children and fits in well with lunchtime, and the later time is perfect for older children and fits in well with teatime.  If you want your party later for older children then an evening party can be arranged if there is availability.
Variations in time, and additional hours, are catered for at schools, weddings, christenings/baby naming, communions and other events subject to availability.

Where is the best place to hold a child’s party?

Community Centres, church/village halls are ideal as they have all the facilities needed for a children’s party. If you happen to choose a Golf Club, please me mindful that we may not be able to play our music above a certain level! Please bear in mind the following when booking a venue as Ditzy Doodles has a spinal and pelvic condition:

  • Bear in mind if you have any disabled children/adults attending, that you will need suitable access and toilet facilities, always ask your venue if they have these facilities.
  • If you are having a Super Duper Tier 3 Package we need access to chairs without arms and with four legs (sounds silly I know but we need 4 points at the base of the chair in order to attach the chair covers) and rectangular tables.
  • We ask that the venue set out the tables and chairs before our arrival, this helps us set up a lot quicker!
    We ask that tables are set in one long row with enough chairs either side of the table to accommodate numbers of children attending party. The table is best situated near the longest wall furthest away from, or adjacent to, the main door to the room (ensuring no fire exits are blocked).
  • ACCESS TO ROOM: Please ensure (where possible) you choose a venue with the function room on the ground level of the building!!!
    We have quite a lot of equipment, which are both large and heavy. Unless there is a large lift at the venue close to the entrance of the building and within easy access to the function room we will not be able to host your party, as it will take much longer to set up the room, and we need to safeguard our staff from unnecessary heavy lifting.
  • We need plenty of space to play games if you have chosen a package with party games, please be conscious of the number of children and parents you anticipate to be in the function room. Please be mindful the number of parents that may stay at the party with the size of venue you are booking.
  • If you have opted for a package that requires venue decor that includes chair covers please be mindful we will need 1 hour to set up the room for a typical children’s themed birthday party.

Can we have a party at home?

The answer is yes unless you live in a flat/apartment that may cause the proceedings to interfere with neighbouring properties.  As long as you have plenty of room for our DJ equipment, and to play games we have a package suitable for the smaller party with a maximum of 15 guests.
If you are lucky to have heaps of space then we can accommodate more children at a house party. Try to clear the room as much as possible and remove breakables and toys that would distract the children from joining in with the party.

How many children should I invite to the party?

It is so easy to invite the whole class, as well as cousins and neighbourhood friends. But, from experience a smaller group is ideal for a party, as we can focus more on games and activities, and not worrying about ‘cramming’ everything in! An ideal number is around 20-25, but we can accommodate up to 30 guests.
Don’t worry we can cater for more than this (especially for joint parties, and corporate events, but please make sure your venue has the space for the children to take part in our games!)

Can some of the parents stay at the party?

Yes!!!  We love having the parents stay at our parties, we get them involved in activities and we always need grown up volunteers for some of our games!  As long as the grown ups remember this is a party for the children, and they can keep chattering to a low volume as the children need to be able to hear instructions for games from The Party Squad, but we much prefer it if the grown ups join in with all the fun, and if an adult is caught on a phone, well we won’t spoil the fun we have here with that, we will save it for the party, let’s just say it will be a magical experience with the volunteer on the other end of the phone!

Do you host Joint parties?

We welcome and encourage joint parties, it’s a great way of keeping costs down! The first birthday child goes FREE, and we can provide additional Birthday Star Kits for additional Birthday Children. After 30 guests we charge per head for additional guest numbers.

Will you play my child’s favourite music?

When you complete the booking form, we will ask you what favourite songs your child has, we will then feature these during the party.  Equally important we ask what songs you don’t want at the party!  We spend a lot of time checking songs before we create a playlist for the party.  We will not play any song that has explicit language or songs we feel are inappropriate for little ears!

When do I need to book the party?

As soon as possible, we get booked up quite early on, and often get bookings 6-12 months in advance, weekend slots get booked up very quickly, but do remember we can accommodate mid week bookings. We have to disappoint many parents, and schools, who don’t give us enough notice. Don’t forget to check our availability before booking your venue. As a general rule of thumb, most bookings are taken about 3-6 months in advance but don’t forget our summer months and the month of December and other peak seasons tend to get booked up quickly. If you think you are too late to book your party, always give us a call in case we have had a cancellation.

How do I book The Party Squad for my event?

We will discuss with you exactly what you want for your event.  As soon as you have decided you want to book The Party Squad and we can confirm availability and your chosen package the following process will take place:

  1. You will be emailed a link to complete your booking information form.
  2. Once information has been received a contract for your event with Terms & Conditions will be emailed to you, please check all the information is correct.
  3. Once you have checked the Contract details, we ask that you agree to the terms online (details of the link will be given in the email).
  4. Once the event and terms has been agreed to, you will be required to pay £50 booking fee to secure your event, this ensures staff can be secured for the event (I will always be in attendance with one other staff member).  This fee will be deducted from the overall package price.
  5. Once the booking fee has been paid, your balance invoice will be sent with date to be paid by upon it (final balance must be paid 28 days before the event, if your event is sooner then full balance is due.
    All payment terms, including ways to pay, are explained in the Terms & Conditions.
    If you have any questions at any time about your booking, just ask.

Please think P.A.R.T.Y when booking The Party Squad to host your event!

P – Parking – Entertainers will often need a venue that has on-site or road side ‘venue adjacent’ parking. We carry a lot of kit, props for games, disco equipment, seat covers and décor items and props, and items for activities, and for that reason; restrictive parking or no facility to park is going to make it impossible for The Party Squad to deliver the best party for your child.

A – Access – Tight corridors, staircases, spring back doors, children already arriving or running about the room when the entertainer arrives are all going to cut into the entertainer’s set-up time and make his/her job significantly harder than it need be.  We ask that when booking your function room that you ask for a ground floor function room.  I’m sure you can all appreciate the equipment is heavy, and alongside all the other equipment we bring to our parties it’s very time consuming for us to set up a room and we have to safeguard the health and safety of our colleagues, especially for those who have pre-existing health conditions that may be put in jeopardy if forced to carry heavy equipment upstairs. Please note you will incur additional set up fees if this can’t be avoided.  If hosting a party for up to 31 children in order to set up the room in good time, we will need access to the room at least 1 hour before the party start time and 30-40 minutes to pack away once finished.  We also request that the table and chairs are set out ready for our arrival (the details of how we like the table and chairs is set out in the following section).  It is not our responsibility to clean the venue once finished, if requested by the venue you must leave the function room as you first found it.  We will ensure all our items are packed away and the space we set our DJ equipment is left tidy and clean, any waste from the services we provided will either be taken away with us, or disposed of at the venue with their permission.  Any waste products from items you provide is your responsibility.

R – Room – Hosting a party in a house is fine, but make sure you invite a sensible number of children, as 50 children in a small room or small function room will not allow the entertainer to provide interactive entertainment.  Please be mindful of the number of parents that may stay at the party with the size of the function room you are booking.  The space must be large enough to accommodate all the children you are inviting (and parents) so they have enough room to move around and take part in all the activities and games that are provided.   Please also be mindful of any guests who need easy access to a room, check your venue has suitable facilities. If you are booking a Super Duper Package you must allow for space for tables and chairs to be set up.  We need access to chairs without arms and with four legs (sounds silly I know but we need 4 points at the base of the chair in order to attach the chair covers)  and rectangular tables. As mentioned previously, we ask that the tables and chairs be set up before we arrive this helps us set up a lot quicker.  We ask that tables are set in one long row with enough chairs either side of the table to accommodate numbers of children attending party.  The table is best situated near the longest wall furthest away from the main door to the room (ensuring no fire exits are blocked).

T – Time – The Party Squad ensures that your child’s party is full of fun and action from start to finish, with a timed schedule for all the activities in the party.  We ask (where possible) that guests arrive promptly for the beginning of the party, or this may lead us in to running over (venue and times allowing for us), if we can’t run over we will have to cut out some of the activities or games we plan.  Our parties last 2 hours, unless you have specifically extended the time (with Let’s Celebrate Packages lasting 4 hours) with one hour set up time and 30-40 minutes to pack away.
Distractions are time consuming when it comes to our parties and events.  We ask that you don’t book items that may cause too much disruption/distraction for a lengthy time of the party/christening, this is to ensure the smooth running of our party schedule, and we don’t want children to miss out on planned activities and games we are providing. Bearing this in mind, bouncy castles are a big No No for us!  Please refrain from booking bouncy castles when booking our Super Duper, Magic and Let’s Celebrate Entertainment Packages.  We are hired to provide you a service, you are paying good money for us to be at your event, and whilst kids love bouncy castles, we can’t do our job properly when such distractions are in place. The same applies for mascot characters,  there are no local companies that have licensed characters, therefore they may not act in a professional manner, you may end up with a dodgy look a like character.  We have our own themed characters and are expanding on them, we currently have a Cheeky Monkey, Bobtail Bunny (ideal for Easter Events, visits and magic parties), we have our new Halloween Witch character and Silly Santa at Christmas!   If you still insist on inviting mascot companies to your event, please tell us as we have experienced good and bad companies and can recommend a couple who are very good  and share our high standards and ethos of ensuring good interaction with the children.  We will only work a maximum of 30 minutes for a character(s) to attend our parties, and highly recommend they either do a meet and greet whilst children arrive, or come in to have afternoon tea with the children whilst they are eating and join in with the birthday song.  This is long enough for children to have fun with the characters but we also want to make sure that children who are nervous or scared of mascot characters aren’t but under too much distress, this also causes stress for the parents. Please do tell us if you have booked other companies and exactly what you have booked as we will need to find time to liaise with them and the venue to ensure they don’t clash with games and activities to ensure the smooth running of the day.  If we are providing the main entertainment, the other companies involved will have to fit in around what we do.  If they are providing any music on the day we do not allow other companies to use our equipment, so they must provide their own equipment.  We will only work with hand selected companies if we are hosting an event that requires more entertainment on the day, we are extremely selective about who we work with, and rightfully so, because we want to make sure they have the same high standards we have, and will provide the best service to ensure your child has a day to remember.

Y –  Your child – is our priority, we want your child to have a party that will give them happy memories, please do not pressure your child in to something they don’t want, it is at the end of the day, their day!  Please take on board the above advice to help us make that happen!  Your party starts here!

Why aren’t your prices on your website?

Prices are based on several factors including, location of your event, date and time services are required, and what package you decide to book.

Additional fees maybe included with your booking, when this is the case, you will always be informed what those additional fees will be.  Additional fees are as follows:
Venue Location:

  • Zone 1 Parties/Events will not incur location fees
  • Zone 2 Parties/Events will incur £10 surcharge
  • Zone 3 Parties/Events will incur £20 surcharge

Early Set Up Service £50: this may be due to dual use of the function room, so if you are having a civil ceremony including marriage/Baby Naming or any other ceremony, we will need to set up earlier than usual and before any guests arrive, and be able to give your Celebrant time to prepare on their part.
The Early Set Up Service fee is charged at £50 (if we are required to set up at the venue the day/night before the event please note this will incur a higher rate, and will be based upon distance to the venue).
Please check with your venue that access can be made available to us at the time you desire the setup to commence.

Function Room Access Fee £30:
This only applies if:
1.  we are unable to gain easy access with our vehicle to the nearest part of the set-up area within the function room.
2.  first and foremost, our preference is to choose a function room that is on the ground level of the venue, please avoid a function room that is upstairs (as we have a lot of heavy equipment).
If this cannot be avoided 
there will be an additional set up charge, as we will need more time in order to bring the equipment in and out of the function room –
you must tell us when booking our services, the location of the function room within the venue building. The set-up time will be increased if there are any stairs to climb, this will also increase the set-up time and cost. Any event on any other level other than ground level will be charged at £30.

You are welcome to include extra items to your Package, but this is totally at your discretion, we never pressure anyone in to buying other items, and all the prices are shown on the Booking Form for extra items you may want to purchase, but we will have discussed what you want for your event prior to you completing your online Booking Form.

Can I change my event details after booking?

Yes of course you can!  If you need to make changes to your package, please drop us an email to ensure the changes you request can be made and we will do our best to accommodate.  This is free of charge, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if your child decides they are well and truly over the theme you booked for them, and of course for any other reason.

What if I need to cancel my booking?

We understand that unavoidable situations may arise and you may need to cancel your event.  In this instance we will happily transfer your booking to a new date, your booking fee will remain intact and will be moved to and secure your new booking date.  You must send your cancellation in writing via email.
If you do not wish to move the date and want to cancel the event completely, you risk losing your Booking Fee, you must read the Terms & Conditions which are supplied to you upon booking with reference to your Cancellation.

Do you entertain children at weddings, christenings and communions and other celebrations?

Yes!!!  We always worry about how to keep the kids entertained at our weddings, christenings and special celebrations.  So whilst you’re sitting down having your meal why not give the kids a day to remember too, giving the parents and relatives a day they can enjoy without having to worry about the kids!  Having an adult type disco during daylight hours is pointless, as the adults are busy chatting and catching up with relatives and friends, and some DJs struggle to entertain the children if they are inexperienced in this field. We have specific packages available for these special occasions.  Our packages have been built to provide best value for the things you would need for your special occasion.  We don’t believe in hiking prices because the words wedding or christening etc are mentioned!   Don’t forget if you don’t see what you want in our packages, we can build a package to suit your needs!  Please remember though, we are not at your event to babysit the children, and will require adult supervision from either yourself or other parents.

Do you work alongside other party companies?

The Party Squad will only work alongside a few select companies/individuals within the industry, who share the same high quality standards that The Party Squad supplies.
When we attend your event there will be 2 members of The Party Squad, Ditzy Doodles and DJ Booboo or another DJ who we work closely with.  If you require further services we can supply those services through trusted companies who we have worked with and know they have the same high standards and share the same ethos as The Party Squad.
We like to give exclusivity to our clients and take time to develop ideas, attend workshops, conventions to ensure we give your children a day they will never forget and will talk about for years later.