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5 stars!!!!  Lisa has done 2 Bump Art sessions for me now.  Both have been perfect and will provide amazing memories for years to come.  Can’t recommend her services enough.

Sam, Warrington - Jan 2015

Are you, or do you know somebody who is preggers?

Are they feeling fat and frumpy and not so yummy mummy?  Well Doodles Bump Art is the perfect ‘cheer up’ gift!

What a wonderful way to celebrate your beautiful bump with professional bump painting from lead artist Ditzy.
Bump Art is a fun way to celebrate being pregnant.  Ditzy will bring along her paints and create your bump art for you in the comfort of your own home, and don’t worry mums-to-be, you will get plenty of loo breaks!

This is a very special time for families, and Ditzy is honoured to be part of a special moment during their pregnancy.

A typical bump painting can take 2-3 hours complete.  If bump has big brothers or sisters patiently waiting for them to make an appearance, Ditzy can paint them to compliment baby bump, and make it a family day to remember.  It helps siblings feel included, as it’s a big deal for them too!

If your friend is pregnant and you are looking for the perfect Baby Shower Gift, why not club together and purchase Bump Doodles e-gift vouchers!  It’s a lovely gift for Mum-to-be, an experience they will always remember.

How much does Bump Doodles cost?2017-02-18T00:09:34+00:00

Price from £60-£80 depending upon detail in the painting, If you require a full tummy and torso painting the price will alter as there will be more work and materials involved.  The fee includes prelim sketches and research time to create perfect Bump Doodles.  Ditzy will consult with you and put together a Design Brief so you receive something that is unique to you.  No two paintings are the same, please note she will not copy another artist’s work, so please don’t send other artist’s images.
No matter what your journey with bump, Ditzy will treat all Bump Doodles families with respect and care bump and family members deserve, especially with Rainbow Baby Bumps.  For some families it’s important to remember Angel Babies in the overall design, and I will fully respect the wishes of the family if they would like this to happen.  This is why I am passionate about ensuring no work is copied, as some families are happy to share their design on the site.


Is it safe to have my bump painted?2017-02-18T00:09:59+00:00

Yes.  All product are safe for use on the skin, and can be washed off with soap and water. If you have any allergies please inform us.


When is the best time to have my bump painted?2017-02-18T00:10:10+00:00

The third trimester at least, 34-37 weeks is an ideal time to have your bump painted as your bump is bigger and your painting will have more impact.

Will you paint my scan picture on my bump?2017-02-18T00:10:26+00:00

The quick answer is NO!  Artistic licence kicks in here I’m afraid.  You already have the scan picture so I don’t see the point of painting it on your bump.  Be creative, have something that has meaning to you and your family, as you can see Ditzy will create something special for you!  I won’t copy any previous work I have done either as it’s a unique piece of art just for you.

I’ve seen a bump painting on the internet, will you copy it for me?2017-02-18T00:10:35+00:00

NOPE!  This is a big no, no.  Other artists will have taken time and researched what they want to paint for their clients, just like I will for you and their work will be copyrighted.  If you can’t think of anything why not create a mood board of your favourite things, include any other children you have to help them feel involved.  Choose a theme, perhaps your baby is due near Valentine’s, Easter, Halloween or Christmas?  Have you got a story to tell about your journey to becoming pregnant?  Have you got a nickname for bump you want incorporating in to the design?  Think outside the box (or should I say think outside the BUMP?!).

PLEASE NOTE:  All Bump Paintings are designed exclusively for The Party Squad clients, and copyrighted, therefore cannot in anyway be copied by other artists.  If you are a mum-to-be and come across this page and looking for inspiration, please chat with your artist about your own ideas, things that are important to you and your family, it is much more personal to you to have something with meaning painted on your beautiful Baba Bump.
If any Bump Doodles are found to have been copied legal action will be taken.