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A note for charities

A personal message from Ditzy Doodles:

I am sure you must appreciate I get inundated with requests to help at charitable events throughout the year (one year I received at least 2-3 requests per week!!!).  I have always supported charities throughout my life and always will, but as more and more charities contact me for support I am struggling to give my time to all of them.  Please do bear in mind that this is a tiny business, consisting of myself, and I hire in additional colleagues as and when needed, so financially I wouldn’t be able to pay my own bills if I gave all my time to all the requests I receive.

As I have a child at home with additional needs my time is taken up supporting him, going to appointments and meetings to fight his corner.  Currently my 10 year old is at home full time and not attending school due to his condition, finally after a year and a quarter we now have a Home Tutor in place.  This year I have only been able to dedicate my time to one charity.  I will however continue to select one charity each year to support, so please do not think of me as being rude, but I am sure you can appreciate my situation, as I need to dedicate as much of my time to my eldest child as we are battling to get a full diagnosis and the support needed for his needs.

Best Wishes
Ditzy Doodles